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Cornish Pasty Co. to Open Pub on Mill Avenue in Tempe

Dark, narrow, and effortlessly cool, the space occupied by the original Cornish Pasty Co. restaurant at 960 West University Drive in Tempe long has been a haven for diners and drinkers looking to avoid the rowdy crowds and party-goers that frequent downtown Tempe.

But now Cornish Pasty Co. owner Dean Thomas is bringing pasties to the heart of the college town's party scene. 

In an e-mail, Thomas confirmed that he plans to open a "small pub" at 425 South Mill Avenue, on the northeast corner of Mill Avenue and Fifth Street. 

"I kinda got tired of seeing places go in and out of such a small place and always thought I could make the space work," Thomas writes. "Because of how small it is I feel like it won't hurt the original Tempe pasty, but will provide a little hole in the wall on Mill." 

The small restaurant will serve "a limited pasty menu and some grilled cheese sandwiches using our homemade bread to go with our soups." There will be a full bar. 

Thomas says they just started work on the space but that they hope to be open by the New Year. 

The news of the Mill Avenue project comes two years after the announcement of a downtown Phoenix restaurant, which has yet to open. The downtown Phoenix Cornish Pasty Co. will be located at 3 West Monroe Street, on the southwest corner of Central and Monroe. 

For updates on both locations, keep an eye on the Cornish Pasty Co. Facebook page
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Lauren Saria
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