Mark Barreto: True Food Kitchen


What are some current cocktail trends?

Using freshly squeezed juices used in cocktails.

Best drink you've ever had?

Caipirinha, the national drink of Brazil! Its made with Cachaça, which comes from Brazil and I used to not be able to get it here, but its now carried at places like Total Wine. Cachaça is made from fresh sugarcane, its fermented and aged in oak barrels. Mix it with sugar, fresh lime and ice -then muddle and shake it for a Caipirinha.

Best part of your job?

The people I meet.

Worst part of your job?

The people I meet. LOL. The people I meet are the best and the worst part of the job. It's a people business.

Strangest drink request?

We are known for our juices, the natural refreshments (freshly prepared non-alcoholic beverages on the menu) and our cocktails are all made with freshly juiced fruits and vegetables. Customers see the herbs, wheatgrass, and fresh fruits and think we can juice whatever for them. You want spinach in a drink?

Tip to avoid a hangover:

Take 2 aspirin and drink a glass of water before you go out.

Take 2 aspirin and drink a glass of water when you get home.

Best hangover cure:


What's on your liquor shelf at home?

Wine and street mash -- Makers Mark is the best.

Which cocktail do you recommend tonight?

The Sun Warrior, its made with Square 1 Vodka (organic) and a mix of freshly juiced pineapple and pink grapefruit, agave nectar and sliced jalapeño. Refreshing with a hint of heat.

Tomorrow: Check back for the recipe for the Sun Warrior.

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