Seven Hate-Free Chicken Sandwiches in Metro Phoenix

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All this talk of chicken sandwiches lately has made us hungry for one thing -- a chicken sandwich.

But not just any ol' chicken sandwich, we want a delicious, hate- free chicken sandwich that believes that everyone should have the chance to enter into a life of sitting on a couch getting fat with the person they love. A chicken sandwich that wants everyone to experience in-laws and family reunions. And, most important, we want a chicken sandwich from one of our fine local restaurants.

Here are our seven favorite locally made, hate-free chicken sandwiches. Enjoy!

Salsalita Chicken Sandwich from The Barbecue Company -- This South Phoenix lunchtimes BBQ house takes a juicy, grilled spicy marinated chicken breast filet and smothers it with pepperjack cheese and fresh pico de gallo and then piles the whole thing on a soft jalapeno cheddar baguette. The Barbecue Company is only open Monday through Friday from 10:30 - 3 p.m. and the place gets pretty busy around noon so plan your spicy sandwich eating accordingly.

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Shannon Armour
Contact: Shannon Armour