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Seven Hate-Free Chicken Sandwiches in Metro Phoenix

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All this talk of chicken sandwiches lately has made us hungry for one thing -- a chicken sandwich.

But not just any ol' chicken sandwich, we want a delicious, hate- free chicken sandwich that believes that everyone should have the chance to enter into a life of sitting on a couch getting fat with the person they love. A chicken sandwich that wants everyone to experience in-laws and family reunions. And, most important, we want a chicken sandwich from one of our fine local restaurants.

Here are our seven favorite locally made, hate-free chicken sandwiches. Enjoy!

Salsalita Chicken Sandwich from The Barbecue Company -- This South Phoenix lunchtimes BBQ house takes a juicy, grilled spicy marinated chicken breast filet and smothers it with pepperjack cheese and fresh pico de gallo and then piles the whole thing on a soft jalapeno cheddar baguette. The Barbecue Company is only open Monday through Friday from 10:30 - 3 p.m. and the place gets pretty busy around noon so plan your spicy sandwich eating accordingly.

Original "G" Spicy Po-Boy from Green -- All right so it's not exactly chicken, but we couldn't leave out our very favorite mock chicken sandwich, the Original G. A vegan-friendly chicken patty is coated in a rich spicy vegan buffalo wing sauce and topped with fresh lettuce and tomato. Make sure you order it with a side of their perfect fries and a glass of housemade limeade.

Southwest Chicken Sandwich from SanTan Brewery -- Nothing goes better with a cold pint of Devil's Ale than our favorite Chandler Brewery's Southwest Chicken Sandwich. The brewery take a grilled chicken breast and loads it up with green chili, avocado slices, spicy pepperjack cheese, and veggies on their super soft house buns. And don't forget that SanTan does new release movie night every Monday at 10 p.m. because chicken sandwiches and movies are a perfect pair.

The Classic Chicken Parmesan from DeFalco's Italian Deli -- One of South Scottsdale's best spots for sandwiches fries up a mean chicken parm. After the chicken breast has been breaded and fried, the tasty meat is covered in melted mozzarella and then draped in DeFalco's housemade red sauce and served on a chewy Italian roll. One bite and you probably won't be able to order anything else off the menu ever again!

Polynesian Chicken Sandwich from Hula's Modern Tiki -- Downtown Phoenix's tiki-themed cocktail bar and restaurant takes the classic combination of chicken and teriyaki sauce and jazzes it up with slices of spicy pineapple and a tangy sun dried tomato aioli. Make your meal even more fabulous with a side of sweet potato fries and the tiki lounge's signature One Eyed Pyrat cocktail made with Cock N Bull ginger beer and pineapple juice. Cheers!

The Grilled Chicken Sandwich from House of Tricks -- Chef Kelly Fletcher and team create awesome lunchtime sandwiches rich with fresh veggies and carefully selected meats. Their version of the classic grilled chicken sandwich is topped with Capricho de Cabra goat cheese, fig jam, crisp bacon and spicy arugula and served on thick slices of house baked ciabatta bread. The gorgeous 25 year old patio restaurant is one of our favorite spots in Tempe for lunch, even if it is just off Mill Avenue.

The Casablanca Chicken Sandwich from FEZ -- Grilled chicken, dried cherries, pomegranate vinaigrette, goat cheese, sliced pears and field greens all on one of their soft ciabatta rolls? Yes please! This LBGT friendly Phoenix hot spot welcomes everyone and anyone with good taste in food and cocktails to their swanky establishment. Stop by during Tini Tuesdays to re-up your rainbow power with $3 signature martinis -- a perfect match for this sophisticated sandwich.

Chicken Beer Bread Sandwich from Four Peaks Brewery -- Tempe's favorite brewery takes meaty chunks of grilled chicken breast, sauteed green pepper, red onions, artichoke hearts, mozzarella and mushrooms plus a generous helping of their creamy cucumber sauce and rolls it all up in a soft beer bread wrap. Beer battered fries or a scoop of their awesome pasta salad and a floral pint of Hop Knot make this sandwich more magical (and tastier) than a bowl full of unicorn tears.

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