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Tempe 24-Hour Taco Shop (With Alcohol) Is Your New Favorite All-Night Eatery

Yesterday, I received a tip that something big was happening in Tempe -- literally. So, last night I checked it out, and man was it ever.

Taco Migo opened up about two weeks ago on Baseline Road in what used to be an abandoned lot across from Arizona Mills mall. Crazy-convenient (it's open 24-hours and located right off I-10), the joint is gigantic, complete with a drive-thru and two roll-up glass doors, which, when the weather gets manageable again, should make this Mexican food mecca all that more enticing for the college set, surrounding locals, late-nighters in search of a bite, or a small mob.

Inside, a spacious dining room sports bright orange and yellow walls and tons of seating, both tables and booths. Don't be surprised when the staff yells, "Welcome to Taco Migo!" on your way to the ordering counter. Apparently, it's standard procedure and part of the friendly and attentive service.

The reasonably priced menu consists mainly of tacos, burritos, nachos, and quesadillas. There are also a few "Family Meal Deals," a selection of shakes, sundaes, and floats, and a super-size selection of beverages, including beer and self-serve Agua Frescas. Chips are complimentary and there's a small salsa bar. And because it's open 24 hours, Taco Migo also does breakfast all day, including such items as a steak and egg sandwich and chorizo, potato and eggs.

Wanna know who runs this joint, check out the menu, and find out what the food tastes like? Follow me.

Not some fly-by night affair, this taco shop is a well-thought out, hard-working munchie machine. No wonder. An employee told me Taco Migo is the first venture from a local owner whose family runs several Carl's Jr.'s in California.

I had a chance to eat a few things at Taco Migo. Overall, they were tasty, and didn't arrive as gigantic food bombs.

They've got a Sonoran dog that's solid, topped with pinto beans and spicy pico de gallo and nestled inside a fluffy, tasty bun. The carnitas taco was nice and moist, made better (and spicier) thanks to a trip to the salsa bar. The migo taco is a must -- filled with steak, bacon, sour cream, guacamole, beans, it was tasty and brought some heat.

I can see myself popping into Taco Migo if I'm out late or in Tempe and need a quick bite of Mexican.

Check out Taco Migo and let me know what you think. Oh, and here's the drive-thru menu if you're interested:

Taco Migo 821 West Baseline Road, Tempe 480-820-0574

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Laura Hahnefeld
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