The Best Easter Candy Ever.

Hooray for Easter! Let's celebrate Jesus' resurrection with bunnies, baby chicks, colored eggs, and over-sized baskets filled with candy. Totally awesome!

But what are you going to put in those big baskets? Plain ol' boring jelly beans? Not this year. We have searched high and low, conducted hours of research and then painstakingly created the ultimate list of the BEST EASTER CANDY EVER!

10. Reese's Peanut Butter Egg - If you don't get one of these in your basket, someone doesn't love you. Period.

9. White Rabbit Milk Candy - Never heard of it? That's because it's from China and technically has nothing to do with Easter but we think the bunnies on the wrappers are adorable and would make an outstanding addition to one lucky basket.

8. Crucifix on a Stick - Because there is no better way to celebrate Jesus then by putting a stick up his ass and biting off his head.

7. Snapsy the Snap-Apart Bunny - The solid chocolate bunny easily breaks into multiple pieces so you and your friends can enjoy the tiny shards of his soul. Dibs on the ears!

6. Brach's Old Fashioned Marshmallow Eggs - These are a true Easter classic. These bright colored sugar morsels will have you sugar-high in no time.

5. Walking with Jesus Gummy Treats - Jesus paved the way for stylish yet functional footwear. Now you can celebrate his amazing fashion sense and his waking from the dead with Jesus shoe gummies.

4. Anything Made by Wonka - We really think Easter candy is where the Wonka camp gets to shine. We especially like the Sweet Tart Jelly Beans (and not just because they sent us a giant bag of them). Sweet Tarts are generally gross and chalky but somehow amazing in jelly bean form.

3. Kinder Surprise Eggs - Technically they are illegal in the U.S. (we are, of course, the only country in the world that is not smart enough to keep them out of the hands of small children who might choke and die on the toy) but we have spotted them in a store or two. You just have to know where to look. Think of it as the ultimate Easter egg hunt. If you find one, you will be rewarded with a hollow egg made out of some amazing chocolate and a super-cool tiny collector's toy.

2. Cadbury Creme Eggs - An essential part of Easter, the Cadbury egg is quite possibly the grossest thing around. Why is it on our list? Because we really like talking about how gross they are. And we kinda want to try frying them, just like in this video.

1. Peeps - Love 'em or hate 'em, Easter wouldn't be the same without the fluorescent glow of a box of Peeps. The spongy bunnies and chicks also provide excellence after dinner entertainment. Pop them in the microwave and watch them triple in size and then catch fire. Fun for the whole family. We love Peeps!

We love comments! Tells us what your favorite Easter candy is in the comment sections below.

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