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The Windsor and Churn a Good Fit for "Rad" People

Last month, a local blogger reported that a cheeky sign advertising "Wanted: Rad People" had gone up on the historic 1940 Windsor Court building at Central Ave. and Oregon set to house Postino founder Craig DeMarco's new culinary ventures, The Windsor and Churn.

This week, both eateries opened to the public, and the verdict is already in: Clearly, DeMarco found some rad people. We popped into The Windsor for dinner last night and found the service to be attentive, the staff friendly, and the vibe chill. The mix of locals that stopped here -- from dreadlocked hippie chicks and bike-riding hipsters to retirees and thirtysomething owners of nearby historic homes -- proved that the concept has wide appeal.

We agree it has huge potential. The digs are funky and eclectic: exposed brick walls, vintage-looking zigzag wallpaper, plush pleather booths, a center bar and huge dining patio, and a wall of shiny cassette tapes (many of which we reluctantly admit to having owned, including Culture Club's Colour By Numbers).
The Windsor and Churn are definitely worth a visit, though with the pair not even being open a week there are still a few kinks to work out...

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Wynter Holden
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