14 St. Patrick's Day Parties in Metro Phoenix

Got green? You'll need in on Saint Patrick's Day.
Got green? You'll need in on Saint Patrick's Day.
Benjamin Leatherman

There are a few things that are almost guaranteed to happen during St. Patrick's Day: funny hats and green beads will be worn by many a bar patron, bad imitations of Irish accents will be proffered by the inebriated, and endless gallons of emerald-colored beer will be quaffed.

Such things are de rigueur for the Irish holiday and can likely be found at almost every single green-themed party and gathering in metro Phoenix that will take place from Friday, March 14, until Monday, March 17.

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However, if you want something more out of your St. Pat's experience -- like the chance to party with a leprechaun, imbibe fine imported spirits, or score primo prizes -- then head for any of the following 14 shindigs and Celtic craics where you can swing your sheleighly.

The real star of the Austin Powers trilogy.
The real star of the Austin Powers trilogy.
Courtesy of McFadden's

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McFadden's Glendale

Verne Troyer might be less than half your size, but the diminutive actor is twice the party animal that you'll ever be. Seriously. The thespian, best known as Mini Me from the Austin Powers films, can reportedly go quite hard. And if you'd like to spend your St. Patrick's Day partying alongside the dude, he'll make a special appearance at McFadden's party on Monday, March 17, for photo ops and autographs starting at 6 p.m. Tickets are is $10.

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