Groupie Dynamics

Every teenage girl dreams of being a groupie, whether her fantasies involve mopping sweat off of a Jonas Brother’s brow or having a drunken tryst in the back of a B-rate metal band’s van. Local photographer and music-studio manager Laina McWhorter was once a Grateful Dead groupie; she traveled the country taking pics of the band. Since then, her attention has shifted towards locals and newcomers.

Catch McWhorter's photos in the show “When I Grow Up, I Want to Be A Rockstar,” continuing through April 2, at Carly's Bistro. The show features detailed images and action shots of bands including Bob Log III, Rilo Kiley, and Andrew Jackson Jihad. Why doesn’t McWhorter follow today's big-name bands on their national tours? "I still prefer the raw, edgy passion that a lot of the unsigned bands out there produce at a show over some of the better-known, polished acts," she explains. "I would rather shoot a show where I know anything can happen."

March 16-April 2, 2010


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