Hi, My Name is Still Ryan

Fan or hater, you've kept tabs on Ryan Avery. If you weren't already up on his exploits, then the New Times cover story piqued your interest (“Hi, My Name Is Ryan,” August 3, 2006, Benjamin Leatherman). Then you heard about Paul Eagleston and Stephen Rose's documentary Hi My Name Is Ryan, which is currently on the festival circuit. Even the poster for Avery's farewell performance -- captioned "See you in two years!" -- dutifully awaits in the front window of the Trunk Space.

Now, with his LDS mission in Portland wrapped up, Avery will stay true to his word of touching down in downtown Phoenix within 24 hours of his return when his art/music project, Hi My Name is Ryan, returns. Avery is uncertain what will go down, but he does say, "The show isn't going to be as spectacular as the official comeback show [with Father’s Day on September 6], but I still hope I don't disappoint . . . I am sure it will be great."

Sat., Aug. 30, 8 p.m., 2008


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