We're in love with Yasha from Russia and his lovely wife, Tanya. Who wouldn't be? These charming hosts have stocked their store with wares to satisfy a growing — and hungry — community of Eastern European transplants for several years now. In the process, they've made believers, and fans, of just about every visitor.

Like caviar? We do, too. With an impressive collection that's wallet-friendly as well as wide, it's not difficult to savor the flavor. If you think Russian cuisine is all borscht and pickles, you'd be wrong. Not that there's anything wrong with that, since we love the spicy snap of Yasha's dill pickles (which by the way, pair nicely with salami). With more than 30 kinds of salami and cured meats, there's enough selection to keep you guessing for weeks to come. Blinis, bagels, and bread are here, too, as are a dizzying array of teas, in pretty boxes emblazoned with images of Czar Nicholas. Snap up some luscious caramels, and a tea set, and you're ready for a proper Russian tea.

We'd come back just for a hug from Yasha or Tanya — and their cheese, crackers, wine selection, and a CD or two from what appears to be a Russian Idol recording artist. It's all from Yasha and Tanya, with love.

Location Details

10240 N. 32nd St.
Phoenix AZ 85028


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