5 Essential Running Resources in Metro Phoenix

It's roughly 90 degrees outside, so it's probably a good time to start jogging, right? Right!? Alternatively, you could follow our lead and just talk about how you should totally run a 5K for the next 10 years.

If you're ready to actually take the plunge into the world's most loved and hated sport, look no further than these five great local running resources in the Phoenix area.

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Arcadia's iRun, 4730 E. Indian School Road, Suite 125, is a great resource for folks who wish that running was just a little bit more. . . social. As a store, they sell your standard shoes, various nutritional goops and supplements, and of course, sporty running clothes. But they also offer group runs and clubs to satisfy your social needs. Bonus point: If you become a member on iRun's website, they'll track the mileage on your shoes and make fancy charts of your progress. That is, you know, if you actually start running.

Runner's Den

If you're an established athlete recovering from an injury, or someone who is a bit accident prone (hands up over here), no worries: Runner's Den, 6505 N. 16th Street, can help. The store has relationships with a physical therapist, Dr. Matt Kraemer, and a podiatrist, Dr. David Jenkins. Each of these specialists hold a once-monthly injury clinic at the Den. At these (free!) clinics, Drs. Jenkins and Kraemer can help evaluate the individual needs of injured runners, and make training recommendations specific to the sport.

Sole Sports Running Zone

We like Sole Sports for a number of reasons. For one thing, they're accessible: with locations in Glendale, Scottsdale, and Tempe, they're never too far away. Secondly, they offer on-site sports massage at their Tempe location (why not? You've maybe earned it!) Third, they're a great resource for information about injury prevention, strength building, and non-running workouts. Check out their blog for weekly training tips.

Tortoise & Hare Sports

Slow and steady doesn't win the race. Fast people with good form win the race. It's no secret that running the wrong way can be really bad for your body, which is why it's a good thing Tortoise & Hare Sports is around. In addition to having an adorable name, the Glendale based shop offers free form and gait analysis. They also hold free and low-cost form clinics to help fix what ails you.

Marathon Coaching Consultants

If you're really ready to commit to the whole running thing, and you're thinking of running 26.2 miles to prove your commitment, do yourself a favor and hire a coach. Marathon Coaching Consultants work with runners of all skill levels. They provide customized workouts, individualized training, and hands-on coaching to help you reach your goal. MCC Coach David Allison has been running - and teaching other people how to run - for almost forty years. He offers one-on-one classes and monthly training programs, too, for those of us who need a little coaching (read as: someone to yell at us until we do things).

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