Adam Carolla on His Podcast Drama and Returning to Phoenix

Patent trolls be damned, The Adam Carolla Show must go on.

Former host of The Man Show and the Crank Yanker himself, Adam Carolla will bring his podcast, The Adam Carolla Show to Phoenix's Stand Up Live on Friday, June 20, and Saturday, June 21, with two shows per night. His special guests include Doug Benson, Teresa Strasser, Kelley James, and Arizona's own John Holmberg. "There's nothing that gets you going like the live show," Carolla says.

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Between righting wrongs for unlucky homeowners on his new Spike TV show Catch A Contractor, putting out four podcasts a week, and dealing with the lawsuit he's in the middle of fighting, Carolla is perhaps busier than ever. But he still finds time to get out on the road and connect with his fans. "If you just sort of stare at it you'll sort of get overwhelmed by it, and I don't even know that you'll do anything," Carolla says of his workload. "Just put your head down and star shovelin'."

Carolla helped bring podcasting into the mainstream when he started The Adam Carolla Show shortly after his radio show was cancelled. It has since gone on to set the Guinness World Record as the most downloaded podcast and consistently takes the number-one spot on the iTunes charts. His show drew the attention of a company called Personal Audio, who claims to have a patent over podcasting technology. More specifically, Personal Audio contends that it owns a "system for disseminating media content representing episodes in a serialized sequence," which the company claims podcasts implement, according to Carolla. Personal Audio is suing for its share of the profits from Carolla's podcast, though the exact amount they want isn't clear.

Most people end up simply settling with these "patent trolls" (people or entities who try to enforce and collect on patent infringements even though they don't manufacture or supply the product in question) due to the massive expense required to fight it, but not Carolla. He has decided to fight Personal Audio and make a stand for podcasters everywhere. Even though Carola is the only one being sued right now, if he loses, it stands to reason that other podcasts would soon follow. Unfortunately, this is a costly process and his lawyers estimate it could cost more than $1.5 million. Carolla hopes that his Fund Anything campaign will help make it possible. The campaign has already raised more than $400,000. If Carolla loses the lawsuit, it will almost certainly effect other podcasters. In spite of his current position, Carolla still feels as though he's more of a blue-collar working guy than anything else.

"When I get the business, you know, about being a pioneer in podcasting. . . It doesn't feel like anything to me, I wish it did," Carolla says. I'm grateful, but I come from such a no self esteem environment that it really doesn't even feel like anything to me. I'm happy for it, don't get me wrong and it doesn't feel bad. I just get up and go to work, that's all anything ever feels like to me."

He is excited about bringing his podcast back to Phoenix after doing a similar string of shows here last year. "You know its a fun and enthusiastic, boisterous crowd. Last time we did it I think we pretty much sold out all four shows. . . Phoenix was a good time," Carolla says. He also went on to say that if anyone has any books or memorabilia they want signed, he will be more than happy to oblige.

Carolla will be at Stand Up Live on Friday, June 20, at 7:30 and 10 p.m. and Saturday, June 21, at 7 and 10 p.m. Tickets for this 21-and-over show are $35 with a two-drink minimum. For more information, visit or call 480-719-6100.

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