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Eye Lounge Presents Eye Candy, a Gallery Exhibition and Fundraiser

Talk about eye candy. A group of our favorite local artists will have their work up for view (and sale) this Friday at eye lounge gallery in downtown Phoenix. A sugary addition: all proceeds raised from the collective's auction will go toward funding future exhibitions. 

On October 21, eye lounge contemporary art will host Eye Candy, its annual fundraiser to help pay for the space's rent, improvements, and marketing for shows by eye lounge members Kristin Bauer, Logan Bellew, Peter Bugg, Angela Cazel Jahn, Sean Deckert, Jenna Duncan, Daniel Funkhouser, Dain Gore, Sarah Hurwitz, Dianne Iyisan, David L. Bradley, Morgan MacCallum, Melissa Martinez, Michael Max McLeod, Christina Mesiti, Mary Meyer, Crystal Phelps, Benjamin Phillips, Lara Plecas, and Claire Warden.

All work is 10-by-10 inches or smaller and is created exclusively for the exhibition, according to eye lounge co-president Crystal Phelps.

"Eye lounge runs solely on the funds that members pay for dues each month to allow complete artistic freedom during the exhibitions," writes Phelps. "In order for us to maintain the high level of quality in our gallery it is important for us to hold fundraisers to allow for building improvements, marketing efforts, and catalog creation and publishing."

The show opens on Friday, October 21 at 6 p.m. in conjunction with Logan Bellew's "The Episodic Nature of Forgetting," and will run through November 4. 

Included performances include a puppet show by Dain Gore and Tommy Cannon on October 28, music by the Tetra String Quartet on November 4, and a pre-screening for the Long Shadow Film Festival on November 11. 

 For more information, check out the eye lounge website and Facebook page.

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Claire Lawton
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