Five Films We Can't Wait to See at the Phoenix Film Festival

The 12th Annual Phoenix Film Festival opens on Thursday, March 29 with more films, more seminars, and even bigger parties.

More than 160 films will be screened this year over the eight-day festival, from horror shorts to documentaries to star-studded feature films. Weekend seminars, with topics like "Life as an Indie Actor" and "Getting Big Talent on Low Budgets," will feature panels composed of the talent behind the festival's many films. The parties kick off with the Friday Night Bash and close out the weekend with the Copper Wing Awards on Sunday night. But it's the Saturday night party that you won't want to miss.

Whether you're a cute-animal-lover (Chimpanzee), a teen country fan (Country Queens), a cult-film devotee (read on), or you just want to see Larry the Cable Guy in a tutu (yep, Tooth Fairy 2), there's something for you. Here are five of the flicks we can't wait to see.

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Amanda Kehrberg
Contact: Amanda Kehrberg