IDK Gallery Adds to Scottsdale's Pop-Up Gallery Landscape

Scottsdale's pop-up gallery scene continues to gain steam.

One of the latest participants is IDK Gallery, which opened in December and will be unveiling its second art show tonight.

Idakatherine Graver has been an artist for 35 years, but IDK, located at 4200 North Marshall Way, Suite 1, is the first gallery space that she's run.

"I feel it is very important for everyone to put the creative and the real out in the world in America. We seem to have been distracted by a lot of things that don't have real substance and regenerative power -- things like derivatives that aren't even really there," says Graver, who, until recently, had a studio by Lux Coffeebar.

Graver adds, "The IDK Gallery is a way to see the world. The gallery is starting to have a real voice of its own, adding to the concert of individuated galleries on Marshall Way."

The space, located in the same block of buildings as Squeeze Gallery, 5 and 6 Gallery, and more, is in the thick of things. Longer-standing establishments such as Lisa Sette Gallery and Art One are also nearby.

Tonight show's at IDK, entitled "Four Artists, Three Generations," will feature works by Idakatherine and Devon Graver as well as Texas artists David and Patricia Cargill. In 1998, David Cargill won an American Institute of Architects (AIA) award for his work with the late, famed American architect Philip Johnson.

Reception hours are 7 to 9 p.m. Admission is free. The show hangs through March 24.

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