The Six Billion Dollar Man

“Actually, I know very little about astrology,” says Harvey Sid Fisher by phone from L.A. “But I thought, no one’s written a song for all the signs. I could become a billionaire.”

With this incentive, Fisher set to work on a cycle of songs based on each sign of the zodiac. The veteran singer/songwriter and Hollywood bit player will surely perform some of them at Trunk Space.

Career-wise, Fisher, 67, is multi-pronged. If you’ve watched TV at all since the ’60s, you’ve probably seen him as an actor; he did Kojak, Ironside, Cannon, and was on five episodes of Barnaby Jones alone. He’s also “one of L.A.’s top ten million photographic models” and an as-yet-unproduced screenwriter. Additionally, he claims he was a hairstylist at a 24-hour salon back in his native New York. “The ladies of the evening would come in two, three times a night for a comb-out,” he recalls.

And how goes his plan to become a billionaire? “Well, I started with nothing, and I have a great deal of it left.”

Tue., Nov. 11, 7 p.m., 2008
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