Top 5 Things To Do This Weekend

It's going to be 110 degrees on Sunday. But we at Jackalope Ranch believe this sad fact shouldn't keep us in all weekend. After all, it's only going to get worse.

Here's the top 5 things to do before we hit the teens.

Shakespeare at the Biltmore
The problem with Shakespeare is that Americans are exposed to the work at age 15 when in high school. So, of course, it's not going to make much of an impression. This weekend, however, you can really take it in (as every adult should) at the Biltmore on Friday and Saturday where Southwest Shakespeare company will perform Blithe Spirit and Comedy of Errors. Click here for details.

"Tribute to Ray Charles" at Alwun House
Think about Ray Charles and your mind automatically goes to sequin pasties and G-strings, right? No? Well, it will after Provocateste performs their tribute on Friday, June 4. The burlesque group will wow audiences with skilled shaking, shimmying, and chair dancing to pay homage to the legendary musician. Click here for details.

Arizona Chinese Arts Academy Spring Performance and Art Show at Orpheum Theatre
The ACAA teaches all sorts of wonderful things like visual arts, dance, music, Chinese language, and martial arts. And, sadly, that's way more than many schools in AZ. See everything that good education can do for you at their Spring Performance on Saturday, June 5. Click here for details.

Sh!ts and Giggles Comedy Show at Stray Cat
You'll go to Stray Cat to drink booze ($3 import pints and $2 PBRs) and eat food. There will be comedians there. They will make jokes and it will make you laugh. Because you're drinking booze and eating so you're in a good mood. And the jokes are funny. This is what your Saturday night can be like on June 5 as comedians Bryan Ricci, Mike Kennedy, and Genevieve Rice take the stage at 7:30 p.m. Click here for location details.

Bridal Fashion Debut at Phoenix Convention Center
In keeping with a wedding-obsessed culture (did you know the average wedding, according to theknot.com, costs $27,800?) we just had to include this. On Sunday, June 6, it's fashion and fairy tale wrapped into one with a spectacular array of the latest designs in wedding dresses -- dresses so beautiful, you'll forget that 50% of marriages end in divorce. Click here for details.

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