Warrior Dash Invades Arizona

Warriors aren't made every day -- but they are tested during an intense 5-kilometer race with a heavy dose of mud, barbed wire, obstacle-dodging and, oh yeah, fire.

What began as a Midwest tumble in 2008 quickly grew into Warrior Dash, which will take over one city per month in 2011.

And it looks like you have about 93 days until it lands in, you guessed it, Florence, AZ for the first time.

You can blame glory and bragging rights for the event's huge annual participation, but also note the fuzzy helmet and free beer each warrior receives upon completion.

The dash's website promises a variety of obstacles, mostly depending on natural terrain and man-made structures that already exist in each location.

"Warrior Dash gives the participant the freedom to let loose, dress up in costumes, eat a turkey leg, get muddy and drink beer," says Alex Yount, Media Relations Director for Warrior Dash. "If those reasons don't give someone a reason to participate I don't know what will."

The Warrior Dash Arizona will be held at 20585 E. Price (Station) Road in Florence on April 30 and May 1. It's $50 until April 3 to enter. Visit the Warrior Dash website for more information.

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Megan Dobransky
Contact: Megan Dobransky