'American Idol' Contestants Fail to Uplift on "Inspirational Song" Night

When you have only 1 minute to sing to people, it's sort of hard to inspire them.

That was the problem the contestants had last night on American Idol, when the seven contestants and four judges were forced to cram their singing and commentary into a measly hour, making for a hectic pace that made the show feel rushed and hurried.

Alicia Keys was the mentor, but the snippets of her talking to the contestants left the audience wondering just what advice she was giving, and it was unclear whether any of it helped. She seems like a nice person, but a guest mentor probably wasn't necessary on a show that was only an hour.

Casey James didn't sound much different with "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" than he has most of the season, playing guitar and sounding just like he would as if he was in a bar. It was good, but didn't stand out from any of his other performances.

Lee DeWyze is probably going to go back to selling paint once the season is over, judging by how even hyped-up AI contestants such as Adam Lambert aren't even doing too well these days. He performed "The Boxer," and while it might have been a bit poignant, the song was too short to get into.

Tim Urban is my favorite contestant at this point, only because he's so bad but continues to stay in the competition. He didn't really sing the Goo Goo Dolls song as much as melodically talk his way through it. And I loved it. Prediction: Bottom Three.

Aaron Kelly sang a song from Space Jam. You know, the one sung by the guy who might have molested a 14-year-old. It was a great song choice (totally serious) for him, but I'm starting to get sick of his modesty. Boy needs to come out with some confidence! Prediction: Bottom Three.

Siobhan Magnus sang something by one of the best singers ever, Mariah Carey, and she couldn't compare to the diva or the song's collaborator, Whiteny Houston. Siobhan managed to make the song very boring, but she looked really awesome with butterflies adorning her body. Points for style, at least.

Michael Lynche sang "Hero," by Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott. It was an interesting choice because it's such a rock song, but Simon Cowell said it reminded him of Spiderman. After that comment, it'll be hard not to associate Michael Lynche with Tobey Maguire. Thanks, Simon. Prediction: Bottom Three.

Crystal Bowersox ended the show with "People Get Ready," easily the best vocal performance of the night. She tried to prove to viewers just how into the competition she is by fake crying at the end, which was a very smart move on her--viewers haven't seen much emotion from the girl yet. The Hollywood acting bug must have hit her because she didn't seem like the actress type.

This week, Aaron's run is probably over. He just doesn't have the tween vote like Tim does, and he's not confident enough to make a huge impression on anyone else. And hopefully next week, the show won't feel as jam-packed and there will actually be singing to critique.


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