Six Hollywood Stars Who Are Undercover Metal Heads

When it comes to Hollywood, metalheads are usually portrayed in a... not so flattering light. We're the drunks and stoners, braindead from too much head-banging, clad in grimy vintage band t-shirts and greasy hair.

Well, that may be so. But who is Hollywood to judge? I'd take our stereotype over the popped collar, Axe-body-spray-soaked L.A. douchebag or Paris-Hilton-wannabe freaking out because the Chihuahua in her purse broke open her coke baggie with its pink toenails tropes.

But when you hear about legitimate actors who actually love and appreciate heavy metal, you gotta feel like there's a little hope about there. Because we only feel more hopeless when we see someone like Megan Fox wearing a Megadeth t-shirt in the airport. And I'm not talking about Jack Black or Kevin Smith. Yes, they are awesome, successful, and support heavy metal, but we already know about them. OH--and don't expect to see Jared Leto on here, either. The most metal thing about that guy was when he was getting beaten to hell in Fight Club, and when Christian Bale took an axe to him in American Psycho.

So here's a list of six Hollywood actors you've heard of for years who are also secret metal fans.

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Lauren Wise has worked as a rock/heavy metal journalist for 15 years. She contributes to Noisey and LA Weekly, edits books, and drinks whiskey.
Contact: Lauren Wise