Chef Off! Returns Tonight at Sleepy Dog Pub & Bistro

Chef Off! is hosting another chef competition at Sleepy Dog Pub & Bistro with two teams of chefs facing off to create six dishes for guests to try.

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The event starts at 6:30 p.m today. This will be the 10th competition Chef Off! has hosted since launching.

John Wong from Asia and Romeo Taus from Romeo's Euro Café will go head-to-head with Jared Lupin from Umami and Westley Wilhelm from Sleepy Dog Pub & Bistro.

Each team will create three "pub"-style food dishes as well as a dessert paired with three beers, all provided by Sleepy Dog Pub & Bistro.

The audience will then vote for the winner. The prize: bragging rights.

Chef Off! was launched last year by John Wong, Romeo Taus, Eric and Lori Hassler, and Kristen Burruel to help highlight local chefs in the Valley by having them battle one another in a friendly competition, as judged by the public.

Chef Off! currently has no sponsors but keeps the competitions coming by splitting the ticket price between the venue and themselves.

Every Chef Off! creates a different battle every couple of months with different chefs, a different venue and changing the styles of food.

Tickets cost $50 per person and reservations are required. Call 480-963-1805 to reserve a spot.

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