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Scottsdale's 30-Year-Old Voltaire Restaurant Gets New Name, Making Big Changes

Voltaire Restaurant, the 30-year-old fine-dining spot of classic French cuisine in North Scottsdale, is getting a makeover.

In an letter to guests, owner/chef David Antonelli, who has been with Voltaire for almost 20 years, said:

"January, February, and March are busy months for us, but we can't survive on three months of activity. We need to bring in more business. We need to have a restaurant that is busy for 12 months, not just a few."

Changes are already under way, starting with the name of the restaurant.

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As of July 1, Voltaire Restaurant is now The Brooklyn Cafe, a name inspired by Antonelli's childhood in New York, where he fell in love with the small bistros in SoHo.

In the letter, Antonelli says the dining room will change dramatically but assures his customers it will not be "a sports bar with TVs and loud music."

As for the food, Antonelli goes on so say that favorites like the Dover sole, beef bourguignon, and roast duck will stay on the menu, but dishes such as the filet, New York steaks, and rack of lamb (due to their high cost) will not. Perhaps the biggest change is the addition of deli items like sandwiches, soups, salads, burgers, and fish and chips -- all for under $10.

Voltaire is currently closed for the season. It will re-open for lunch in August and then for lunch and dinner in September.

Here's the e-mail in full:

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