Six Chefs + Six Bartenders = All-Star Cocktail Dinner at Scottsdale's Citizen Public House

For one night only, Citizen Public House is setting out to prove you can't have too many cooks in the kitchen -- or bartenders behind the bar, for that matter.

At 6:30 p.m., Monday, July 22, the notable Scottsdale restaurant is throwing a multi-chef/multi-mixologist cocktail dinner -- a six-course event featuring the food and drink creations of a dozen notable Valley chefs and bartenders.

Here's what's on the menu, and who's behind each course.

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The six-course cocktail dinner at Citizen Public House (CPH) features one dish and one paired drink with each course designed by a different chef and mixologist.

The chef lineup consists of Bernie Kantak of Citizen Public House (and soon to be opened The Gladly) along with Gio Osso (Virtù), Josh Hebert (Posh), Kelly Fletcher (House of Tricks), Lester Gonzalez (Cowboy Ciao), and Charles Kassels (El Chorro).

The bartenders are Brandon Casey and Kris Korf (Citizen Public House), Richie Moe (Citizen Public House, The Gladly), Brian Goodwin (The Gladly), Clint "Spotty" Spotleson, (Virtù), and Zach O'Haire (Searsucker).

Here's the menu:

First Course

Chef Josh Hebert (Posh): Heirloom tomato and radish salad (with a twist)

Brandon Casey (CPH): Martell VSOP, carbonated Albariño wine and Asian pear, Mathilde Pêches, lemon mint swing

Second Course

Chef Kelly Fletcher (House of Tricks): Tenderbelly pork belly Char Siu steamed bun porkscicle, Asian pickled vegetables, Sriracha aioli.

Brian Goodwin (The Gladly): Aviation neat with Popsicle flight: Bitter Berry - Fennel and Honey - Red Bell Pepper & Saffron

Third Course

Chef Gio Osso (Virtù): Orata, blueberries, roasted lemon

Clint "Spotty" Spotleson (Virtù): Encanto Pisco, blueberry sherry shrub, lemon juice, AZ Bitters Lab orange bitters, bitter lemon soda, lemon foam

Fourth Course

Chef Lester Gonzales (Cowboy Ciao): Sweet pork sausage, tortilla de patata, apricot chamoy

Kris Korf (CPH): Jameson Irish whiskey, candied almond syrup, grilled stone fruit, house sweet & sour

Fifth Course

Chef Charles Kassels (El Chorro): Duck confit, foie gras risotto, cherry demi

Zach O'Haire (Searsucker): Old Overholt rye, chocolate sea salt, bacon muscovado, Cecil & Merl cherry bitters, orange essence

Sixth Course

Chef Bernie Kantak (CPH / The Gladly): Cigarettes & cereal

Richie Moe (CPH / The Gladly): Don Q extra añejo rum, graham cracker and goat's milk shake, vanilla bean - hazelnut syrup, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, Nutella sand oblate ravioli

The cocktail dinner is $75 and includes six courses paired with cocktails. Space is limited and reservations are required. To make them, call 480-398-4208.

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