The Grape & Grain at the Phoenician Offers Affordable Specialty Beverages

You don't generally associate Scottsdale's Phoenician resort with "affordable retail," but in the case of it's latest endeavor Grape & Grain, you actually can.

While it is considered a wine, beer and spirits boutique, the Grape & Grain doesn't purchase any of its inventory and can therefore can keep the prices lower. There was also a conscious decision to avoid the typical "resort markup."

Like most resorts, the Phoenician owns a number of restaurants, bars and other booze-selling establishments (12 in all). Collectively, the resort has the largest inventory of wine, beer and spirits in the state. Instead of keeping its massive collection locked away in a storage room, Food and Beverage Director Mac Gregory and his master sommeliers decided to make the entire selection available 7 days a week. With that goal in mind, the Grape & Grain was born.

The tiny store was built on a tight budget (yes, even the Phoenician has had to tighten its belt). The cabinets were built in-house by the engineering team and the barrels came from its distributors. While there are many beverages you can't find anywhere else (like its private label muy añejo tequila) the more common ones are priced somewhere between BevMo and AJ's.

The store had a quiet opening on January 1, but is now ready to make its presence known. In addition to the enormous beverage collection, you can buy artisan cheeses and a loaf of baked bread to go with your wine and enjoy it there, have it shipped to your home or take it with you. You can also purchase Margarita and Bloody Mary mix, juices, shakers and anything else you could possible want to make your own cocktails.

The Grape & Grain hosts pairings and tastings daily ... for free. You can just walk in and join the sommeliers in whatever they happen to be sampling, or request a taste of something you'd like to try.

Chow Bella attended a private opening last night and they were tasting a new Maker's Mark Bourbon that hadn't hit the stores yet. They were also sharing a variety of Jordan wines to promote the six-course Jordan wine dinner at Il Terrazzo on March 27 with winemaker Rob Davis.

The Grape & Grain is open to the public, and encourages both guests and non-guests to attend. It's open Sunday-Thursday from 11am-6pm; and Friday-Saturday from 11am-7pm.

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