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Top 10 "Reviews" of Amy's Baking Company on Yelp

The Amy's Baking Company meltdown continues. What began as a Yelp smackdown three years ago, has blown up into a national firestorm after the Scottsdale-based restaurant appeared on the season finale of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. If you haven't seen the show, you have to check it out.

Well, after the show aired, the Internet imploded on the restaurant's Yelp and Facebook pages, and Reddit (of course) jumped in the mix, too.

To take it back to where it all began, here are the top 10 comments on ABC's Yelp page. Not surprisingly, the restaurant gets only a one-star review. (Note: Reviews are posted as is, so sorry for any typos).

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After hearing wonderful things about Amy's Baking Company, I immediately chartered a private jet from Florida to Arizona. On the limousine ride from the airport to the restaurant, I could barely contain my excitement to experience the greatest meal of all time.

I walked inside with the biggest grin on my face and was quickly approached by Samy who asked me if I had a reservation. I did not have one, though the restaurant was empty, and I jokingly told him that I was sure he could accommodate me. It became quickly clear that Samy did not have a sense of humor. He wielded a serrated bread knife and told me that he would slice me like the loaves of bread his wife bakes fresh if I disrespected him again.

Read the full review by Andrew M. Fort Lauderdale, FL here.


These stars given purely for the entertainment value associated with the episode of Kitchen Nightmares they were featured on and the digital shit show that commenced afterward. I would probably go here, just to see if I could catch some awesome Amy B. bat shit crazy action in person, but I'm not a fan of Arizona in general. It's as if Satan himself took a big, hot shit there and then wandered on to vomit Texas up.

I'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hoping for a spin-off show on Bravo.

Come on Andy Cohen! Work it out!

Posted by Nancy B.


I brought a package of "Putney Pasta Three Cheese Ravioli" (my favorite pre-made ravioli!!) to Amy's Baking Company and they were able to heat it very well.

Posted by David B., Philadelphia, PA


This is the best tasting food I have ever eaten in my entire life! I could eat here for every meal of every day, it is that delicious.

Amy is also the most beautiful and inspiring person I've ever met. She is so nice and treats all of her employees very well.

This is definitely a real costumer and absolutely NOT Amy & Sammy from Amy's Baking Company.

Posted by Amy C., Scottsdale, AZ


Wow, what a fantastic place to eat!

I came all the way from Boston after I heard about their stellar recipes and how much Gordon Ramsay had praised them on television. After being shown a table, I looked around at all the other pleased customers enjoying their food. It took 2 hours for my food to come out but it was worth the wait.

I was extremely excited to try the fig/proscuitto pizza which, upon arriving at my table, looked like serrated kidneys lying atop bird shit. The breadsticks were less half baked than Dave Chappelle and the sparkling kitchen was marred by the blood of the most recent waitress (she was attempting to crawl across the floor and out the door after being beaten with a whisker by Amy). Read the full review by Victroria S. of Lowell, MA here.

See the comment that started it all and the full Kitchen Nightmares episode (while it's still up on YouTube) on the following page.


I was visiting my friend when I found this place, it seemed to be glowing the distance

I heard a whisper in the wind, saying that 'It was time'

I entered

I was greeted and then the co owner of the resturant came out and saw me

She said, 'Are you Jay Gatsby?'

I said 'Bitch I might be.'

A clown clutches a spoon, crying in the distance, you can hear the stars dancing

Posted by Jay G., South El Monte, CA


Dear Miranda and Katy, You're both heroes. Leave now while you still can. You're probably never going to read this, but if you do you should totally come out to California. Southern California. But seriously, the fact that you lasted a month and a half? Hot damn ladies.

Katy, don't cry. I'm sure you've figured this out by now, but this is the best thing that's ever happened to you.

Miranda, I seriously don't know how you hang in there. I'd have been long gone.

10/10 to both of you. And seriously, if you're ever in Cali, shoot me an email. I'll buy both/either of you a drink.



After some thought, I realized that this is unfair to all other prior employees of Amy's. If you have any proof of employment at Amy's, I'll happily buy you a beer should you find yourself in the area.

Posted by Brandon T., San Jose, CA


To the guy below me who making me speak in Italian accent. You coming here to me and I show you something else. I make Palestinian style mincemeat out of you. I'm not Italian - what's the matter you can't tell an Italian from a Jew? My name is Samy (Salomon). On what stupid gentile planet is Salomon an Italian name? You don't believe me? You look on mine Facebook page; you see my friends list all with a fine Bouzaglo name with HEBREW words on their profile and some still living in the chosen country, Israel. When I say I'm a gangster, I'm maybe tell a joke - but I talking Jewish mafia, not Italian. Italian mafias aren't kosher. Now order something or *%%$ off and I $%$# you mamaleh.

Posted by Sammy B, New York, New York (There's no verification this is actually Sammy from ABC).


This was my first job ever. I was 15 years old ( 7 years ago) and this place was a nightmare to say the least. I am so not surprised this is happening to them, but I am honestly pretty shocked it TOOK THIS LONG for people to see the kind of service they are running. Amy and her husband were not as cruel when I started out as they are now. I helped open up the bakery with them and so I think the excitement of a new place made them a little more positive. I wasn't trained at a single thing so I was yelled at for EVERYTHING i did. I was paid servers minimum wage with no tips (If i remember correctly it was $3.75 then). The only positive thing I remember about this place was that we shut down for lunch, and the chef ( they had someone working with amy at the time) would cook for us. I was fired after dropping a massive tray of cupcakes. I used to feel bad about it, but now knowing they weren't even homemade I dooOoOOOooOOnnt Caare!! Zero F*cks given here! Good luck with your business now guys! I am also SO beyond mortified and ashamed that they call themselves Christians. They are giving Jesus a bad name. At what age did you two loose your compassion?

Posted by Ava M. in Paradise Valley

And finally, the Yelp comment that started it all, by Amy herself


Dear Joel L. It is blatantly obvious to me why you were ALONE on a Saturday night!

Read any of the reviews that have been written about us and you will see that EVERYONE loves us!! The only people that don't is our "Competition". We knew you had been sent by another restaurant before you even ordered your $14.00 Pizza.

The Pizza was fresh and amazing. The reason the tomatoes had different texture was because I use three different heirloom tomatoes and some of them are sundried. So of course they are going to have a different texture from the fresh ones!!! But perhaps you are only accustomed to tasting the ones that come "fresh from the can!"

Moving on to the "Store bought Dough" Comment. PLEASE!! My dough is made fresh every day from 100% organic ingredients. Perhaps your palate is not sophisticated enough to tell the difference.

As for you having the Patio all to yourself unless you have been living on another PLANET it is summertime in ARIZONA MORON!!! Only TRAMPS and LOSERS want to sit outside in 110 temperatures!!!!

We are hiring because we are so busy that we need to hire more people. You just so happened to come right after a huge rush. And the people did not change their mind for the Margarita Pizza they ordered. They were still enjoying their amazing Caesar salad and I thought perhaps you would appreciate not having to wait so long for your pizza. Which was just coming out of the OVEN.

I am the CHEF and the owner, and I am the one that made your Pizza.

As for the no smoking comment everyone knows that it is against the LAW to smoke within 20 feet of a public place. But perhaps you think you are above the LAW. Have a little respect not everyone wants to subject themselves to being around second hand smoke.

And as for the overpriced menu items if you think that $12.00 is too much for an ENTRÉE sized ORGANIC Salad or $14.00 is too much for an AMAZING Pizza then perhaps you should go to the PITA JUNGLE that is just a stone's throw away. And if you get lucky maybe you can even dig up someone up to take with you so you can share a $5.00 Falafel.

Do US a favor and keep your ugly face and you ugly opinions to yourself and go back to the restaurant that you really work at!!

I would LOVE for anyone who reads this review to come to ABC and try our Pizza. If you don't like it then I guarantee you don't have to pay for it.

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