Richard Vission @ Pussycat Lounge

If making pimp remixes of pop artists were a martial art, Richard Vission would easily be a ninth-degree black belt. The Grammy-nominated maestro of house music has unleashed his magic on some of best and the brightest in the biz, including Lady Gaga ("Bad Romance"), Black Eyed Peas ("Meet Me Halfway"), Nelly Furtado ("Promiscuous"), and even David Bowie ("Let's Dance"). In all likelihood, Vission will bust out some of these gems during his gig at Pussycat Lounge, 4426 North Saddlebag Trail in Scottsdale, on Wednesday, December 15. The cats from Giant Wednesdays (which recently relocated to PCL) are bringing the blockbuster beat-juggler to the Valley for an evening of turntable trickery. Doors open at 9 p.m. and admission is $10. Visit


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