Heart Attack Grill Being Sued By NYC Deli Reminds Us All to Eat More Salads

Your coronary-inducing creation awaits...somewhere.
Your coronary-inducing creation awaits...somewhere.

In March, Chandler's Heart Attack Grill, the fast food restaurant that serves up such sky-high caloric fare such as Bypass Burgers and fries cooked in pure lard, threatened a trademark infringement case against 2nd Ave. Deli claiming the New York establishment stole their idea for its "Heart Attack Sandwich" and for a planned "Triple Bypass Sandwich."

On Tuesday, 2nd Ave. Deli called bullshit on the coronary complaint by filing a lawsuit asking a court to block Heart Attack Grill from pursuing their case.

While both sandwiches remind us all to eat more salads, is an "Instant Heart Attack Sandwich" at a New York deli really going to be confused with a "Triple Bypass Burger" in Arizona?

Let's crunch the chest pain-points on each and find out.

Heart Attack Grill: Triple Bypass Burger Location: Chandler, AZ Kosher: No Ingredients: Three half-pound beef patties, six slices of American cheese, tomatoes and onions served in a bun coated with lard. Calories: Estimated 6,000 Cost: Around $11 (free if you weigh over 350 lbs.)

2nd Ave. Deli: Instant Heart Attack Sandwich
Location: New York, NY
Kosher: Yes
Ingredients: A half-pound of corned beef, pastrami, turkey or salami, Russian cream sauce and mustard between two deep fried potato pancakes
Calories: Estimated 1,400 to 3,100
Cost: Around $24

What say you, burger jury? Does Heart Attack Grill have a case or should they leave the "Instant Heart Attack" alone?

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