Catch a wave.
Catch a wave.
CityScape Phoenix

5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Week

Running the gamut from gardening to surfing, here's what should be on our out-and-about radar this week in Phoenix.

Surfing on Central

Surfing in Phoenix? As good as that sounds, it also sounds fantastical. Wait, it's true! Surfing on Central is all about enjoying a surfing-like adventure compliments of a cranking wave generation machine. Crazy it is -- crazy cool, fun and thrilling. Get on your best surf shorts and head over to CityScape -- to hell with the six-hour drive to the beach.

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Surfing on Central features a constant "sheet wave," a sweet break similar to an ocean wave--but one that never ends. Riders drop in on custom boards and let the water carry them up and down the wave crest. Lean a little one way, and off you go. One similarity to surfing in Cali -- the wipeouts are awesome, dude.

Surfing on Central beckons from 10 5 p.m. Monday, August 4, at CityScape, One East Washington Street. Tickets are $10 for a 30-minute session. Assorted memberships and private sessions are available. Visit -- Glenn BurnSilver

Andrea Beesley competed in the 2010 Air Sex World Championships.
Andrea Beesley competed in the 2010 Air Sex World Championships.
Ryan Wolf

Air Sex World Championship Tour

Editor's note: While this event has sold out, competitors can still sign up online.

Think air guitar, but with more thrusting, more head banging... more banging in general. The 2014 Air Sex World Championship Tour comes to downtown indie theater FilmBar.

Hosted by comedian Chris Trew, the raunchy roadshow -- now in its sixth season -- encourages air coitus between exhibitioners and their imaginary partner(s) in front of a live hooting and hollering audience. The "sporting" event is part stamina, part storytelling, and almost all improvisation. Unlike your typical bedroom experiences: the more creative, the better.

Last year's winner, appropriately named "Cuntastrophe," represented Chicago in the final national championship bout to win the coveted Championship Cup. For individual city competitions, the first place champion receives $100, second place heads home with $50, and third place walks with $25 -- all cash prizes. Hopefuls can sign up the night of or in advance at

Naughty novices start competing at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 5, at Film Bar, 815 North Second Street. Tickets to the event are sold out. Call 602-595-9187 for details. -- Janessa Hilliard

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5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Week
Courtesy of ASU Art Museum and Emily Long

"These Are Some of My Favorite Things"

If you have a box full of Pez dispensers buried in the back of your closet or a book of state quarters discretely hidden between copies of the latest bestsellers, then we have something in common. Peter Held has us thinking about these kinds of assemblages, if you will, for his final exhibition as curator of ceramics at ASU.

"These Are Some of My Favorite Things" explores of the human compulsion to collect, with groupings ranging from a wooden shelf full of white objects to a case populated solely by cactus-shaped salt and pepper shakers. The show features eight collections from local artists, collectors, and creatives Cyndi Coon, Emily Long, Gretchen Freeman, Mark Klett, Randall and Katherine Schmidt, Joe Willie Smith, New Times contributor Kathleen Vanesian, and Kurt Weiser.

"These Are Some of My Favorite Things" will be on view at the ASU Art Museum Brickyard location, 699 South Mill Avenue, Suite 108 in Tempe. During the summer, the museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and admission is free. For more information, visit or call 480-727-8170. -- Katrina Montgomery

Brad Williams ventures to the Valley this week.
Brad Williams ventures to the Valley this week.
Courtesy of Tempe Improv

Brad Williams

It's pretty hard to overlook Brad Williams' short stature and, in fact, it's what drives his unique and hilarious point of view. Nonetheless, you'll get to see that he's kind of a big deal on Thursday, August 7.

Comedy nerds dream of being plucked out of the audience by their favorite comics to crack wise with them on the spot, but that's all reality for Brad Williams. The infamous Carlos Mencia called up the diminutive dude from the crowd of a comedy club, and Williams charmed his way into an opening slot on tour. Since then, the energetic 30-year-old comic has built up steam with appearances on the late night circuit, and by co-hosting the About Last Night podcast with friend and fellow comedian Adam Ray. Brad Williams is appearing at the Tempe Improv, 930 East University Drive, through Sunday evening. Thursday's show starts at 8 p.m., and admission is $20. To purchase tickets in advance, visit -- Jose Gonzalez

Green thumbs will gather at Pueblo Grande Museum for a gardening course.
Green thumbs will gather at Pueblo Grande Museum for a gardening course.

"Mission Not-So Impossible: Sustainable Desert Landscaping & Gardening"

This summer, the Pueblo Grande Museum is on a mission to prove that it's not impossible to grow plants in Arizona, though the obscene heat might suggest otherwise. For the month of August, the museum is hosting a brown bag lecture series "Mission Not-So Impossible: Sustainable Desert Gardening and Landscaping," which aims to give practical guidance for planting and growing in the Sonoran Desert.

On Friday, August 8, Kelly Murray Young, assistant agent of Argoecology, will talk about the basics of successful vegetable gardening, covering topics like planting calendars, soil management, and variety selection.

Catch Young's hour-long lecture "Earth Friendly Desert Gardening" during your lunch break at noon at 4619 East Washington Street. The talk is free of charge, but you'll need to bring your own lunch. For more information, visit or call 602-495-0901. -- Katrina Montgomery

Editor's note: This post has been modified from its original version.

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