602'sdays at Bikini Lounge

Described in the bar as "Bikini Tuesdays" with a black and white painted sign describing "funky mutant dance music," Tuesday nights at the Bikini Lounge in downtown Phoenix are a favorite among Valley dive-bar aficionados.

It's easy to find a seat and there's more than enough room to go around on the dance floor. Guests can belly up to the bar, take a high top, or hunker down in one of the half-moon booths along the wall across from the grass-skirted maiden above the bar.

Grab a pitcher and read on...

The Place: 1502 Grand Ave., Phoenix.

photo by Ryan Wolf
These guys are having a good time.
The Time: 10 p.m.- 2 a.m.
The Cover: None.

The People: Bikini is a mix of gritty downtown locals and hipster downtown locals. A few Phoenix outsiders even linger in from the outer cities to check out the famed tiki-themed bar. The pool table at the entrance is usually taken over by locals, so you might as well forget that idea, but the bar has great people-watching and a sweet jukebox to throw your money at before the DJ sets up. 

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Jessica VanZalen