Fashion Trends to Avoid in Spring 2013

No matter how giddy we get clicking through fashion week slideshows from whatever season of whatever year by whatever designer, the cringe-worthiest of get-ups are always the ones that immovably lock stitch themselves into our minds. Styles from the Spring 2013 shows proved no different, although we are stoked on the reimagining of Le Smoking, sea foam all around, and grunge making a striking comeback. But these that follow? Do not wear them.

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Box tops No longer confined to cereal, now box tops can adorn your upper bod in a most unflattering cut. (Please note: If you eat cereal, you are further disqualified from partaking in box tops.)

Skirts Over Pants If you cannot choose pants or a skirt, perhaps you should stay home today. Yeah, you too, Emma Watson.

Long Shorts Guess what. Choose capri pants, actual shorts, or actual pants. You are (probably) not golfing today.

Beetlejuice Stripes We enjoy celebrating the oeuvre of Micahel Keaton, too. But that celebrating does not envelope our wardrobe.

Harnesses The blame lies, surely, in the S&M joke book you know as Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.