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Orange Blossom Charm Necklace at Mignonne Handmade

Gem features one standout piece from a local shop. Whether it's a jacket, necklace, or handbag, it's on our have-to-have list.

What: It's no easy task to feel (or for that matter look) cute when you're sweating buckets between drying out in hyper-air-conditioned buildings. Flushed faces, thighs sticking to seats, the impossibility of maintaining a hairstyle, and dreaded crack sweat -- it's all in the fun of a desert summer.

But this delicate little necklace from Mignonne Handmade has such a sweetness about it, with its brass strand, leather leaf, and ivory raw silk petals, that it just might distract you from those pit stains wetting their way to your waistline.

Where: Mignonne Handmade

Cost: $32

Style It: Use peachy tones as a backdrop for the white blossom with an apricot crepe blouse from Malene Birger Aicha and Tory Burch signal orange cotton-twill shorts. Hoof it in a pair of Stella McCartney cork sandals and you're about as ready as you're gonna get.

mignonne handmade necklace
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