Sexy Beasts

Yippee-ki-yay! The Arizona National Livestock Show presents its 59th annual critter competition with more than 2,000 cream-of-the-crop cattle, ewes, horses, and swine from across the nation, all primped and primed by idealistic 4-H and FFAers. Is the competition cutthroat? It will be for the "winners" of the climactic Junior Market Auction. Sheesh, a cow can't get no respect, but with more than $55,000 in prize money at "steak," that's how the cookie crumbles. Personally, we prefer to enjoy these stately animals off the plate, but a rope-spinning rodeo cowboy in tight jeans? That's a dish best served sizzling and saucy.
Dec. 28-Jan. 1, 2007
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Leslie Barton
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