The Arizona International Auto Show, Furious Styles, and Sister Cities and Doctor Bones Over the Weekend

The 2011 Arizona International Auto Show 

Motor Trend Magazine hosted the 2011 Arizona International Auto Show at the Phoenix Convention Center this weekend. The show featured forthcoming vehicles from well known manufacturers from all over the world. This was a great chance, not just to see, but to handle and climb inside (most of) the cars of the future. Unfortunately none of them could fly or travel through time. Sigh, maybe next year.

Furious Styles Crew's 18th Anniversary at Bar Smith 

Few things that were fresh and fly in 1993 are still cool these days, save for Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and the Phoenix's Furious Styles Crew. The local b-boy collective has stuck around for almost two decades now and isn't slowing down. The troupe celebrated its 18th anniversary with three days and four nights of dancing, dope music, and plenty of drinks, including a Saturday evening bash at Bar Smith during the weekly Solstice session.

The Rogue Bar kicked off Saturday night with a charismatic and interactive performance by Doctor Bones followed by local charmers Sister Cities. Both bands were on point. Sister Cites get bonus points for showing the French animated classic, Fantastic Planet during their performance.

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