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The Mark Apartments in Tempe to Unveil Aztec Smurf Mural Thursday

What do you call a Gila monster that's 50 feet tall and 55 feet wide? A distant cousin of Godzilla or the new largest mural in the city of Tempe?

Hint: If Godzilla were terrorizing Phoenix, you probably would have noticed by now.

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On Thursday, January 23, The Mark Apartments will host an official celebration for what is now the largest mural in Tempe.

The work, which was commission by the property owners and created by artist Aztec Smurf, features a vibrant, sunset-colored Gila monster scaling the once-white four-story building.

Smurf began documenting the mural's progress on Twitter on December 31, and now, less than a month later, the finished community artwork, which also happens to be his largest piece to date, will get its official neighborhood welcoming with food trucks, giveaways, music, and a meet-and-greet with the artist.

This free event is happening from noon to 3 p.m. at The Mark Apartments. Free food will be provided to ASU students with valid ID. For more information, visit The Mark online or visit Aztec Smurf on Facebook.

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Katie Johnson
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