Tilt Gallery's Fall Classes Will School You

Fall is on the horizon. Which means kids are heading back to school. Adults can get in on that action with Tilt Gallery's fall line-up of classes.

Tilt Gallery is hosting four classes throughout September and October with super limited seating. So, yeah, hurry and sign up.

Read about the classes and find a link for registration after the jump ...

"The Working Artist" Sunday, September 18
Writer, photographer, curator, historian, artist, and documentary filmmaker Crista Cloutier is the instructor of this all-day workshop that will train you how to be an art business shark. Or, at the very least, how to keep all your ducks in a row when it comes to finances, record-keeping, and networking skills. The class costs $175, includes lunch, and is limited to 10 students.

"The Creative Life" Sunday, September 19
Cloutier is pulling double-duty this weekend as she leads this three hour discussion about creativity, inspiration, and artistic empowerment. Feel free to bring in items of inspiration to discuss. All age and experience levels are welcome. The class costs $60 and is limited to 10 students.

"Understanding and Collecting Historic Photographs" Saturday, October 9
Collector, appraiser, and photo historian Jeremy Rowe will take four hours to school students from start to finish about the history of photography, collecting, and a hands-on photographic process demonstration. It's everything the non-photographer photography enthusiast needs to know. It costs $75 and there are 20 seats.

"Making Water-Based Monotypes" Saturday, October 23
This three-hour workshop with local photographer Barbara Burton will show the ins and outs of the low toxic printing method. The class will set you back $70 plus a $20 fee for materials. Hurry up and register because there's only six seats available.

Visit Tilt Gallery's website here to register. And be sure to check back soon as the gallery is making plans to throw another class on the roster.

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