10 Devin The Dude Songs To Get High With (Video)

Aaaaah yeaaah. You know what day it is. Unless, of course, you forgot what day today is or it's not today and in fact it's another day after today (don't bother re-reading that). If you clicked this post on the day that it was published, April 20, 2011 than you probably don't need me to remind you what so many people are celebrating. Hitler's birthday.

It's Four Twenty, international-smoke-ganja-as-much-as-possible day. The day when unimaginative rappers release albums and red-eyed college kids flock to buy them but get sidetracked by a 30-minute mini-quest to the corner store for Doritos and an Arizona Iced Tea. Make that two teas.

And what pairs well with weed and Arizona Iced Tea? More Doritos. Rap music! of course. Especially the collection of Houston's most revered stoner, Devin The Dude. That's why I've shared the top 10 best Devin The Dude songs to smoke along with after the jump. Happy Holidays!

10. "Lacville '79"

It's hard to press play on a Houston rapper's album and avoid a song about a Cadillac. Devin is no exception. Although instead of spitting lines about candy paint, wood grain paneling, and peanut butter interior Devin candidly shares what a piece of shit he drives. It's indicative of the rapper's honesty. It's also a song that his fans can likely relate to while they lean way back in their own P.O.S. and bump his music. 

9. "Til It's All Gone" ft. Odd Squad
On "Til It's All Gone," Devin reunites with his former group, Odd Squad for a simple, playful track dedicated to the sticky icky. 

8. "Cutcha' Up"
"Cutcha' Up" demonstrates Devin's ability as a lyricist and creative conceptual thinker. Honestly, I listened to this song for months thinking that Devin was a little bit creepy and way in to minors. Then I saw the video and realized that the song was a gigantic double entendre, using one taboo narrative to mask another.

7. "What A Job" ft. Snoop Dog, Andre 3000
Devin, Snoop and Andre are as smooth as Dave Chappelle's botoxed balls on this track. Devin and Snoop set their mutual herb obsession aside for just a second to tell us about their true passion -- music. Still, the top rated YouTube comment reads, "Smoke weed to this song pretty much every day." Well done Mr. Pho20420FourTwenty!

6. 5th Ward Boyz "PWA"
Devin doesn't lend any verses to this Rap-A-Lot classic. He just sweetly sings the dirty hook, "Pussy weed and alcohol / it seems to satisfy us all." And it's the hook which really makes the song, much like it did for Dr. Dre's "Fuck You" on Chronic 2001. WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS THE MOST NSFW/FEMINISTS THING I'VE EVER SEEN. I don't know how YouTube hasn't pulled this yet.

5. Odd Squad "Coughee"
These days, Devin tours with his group Coughee Brothaz. However, long before that, Devin was rapping about "coughee" as part of his three man group, Odd Squad. Their 1994 album Fadanuff Fa Erybody is a Rap-A-Lot classic and the only album the group ever released. "Bitch get off me / I gotta' have coughee!"

4. "R & B"
Aside from his unique sing-song style, Devin The Dude has distinguished him self with truly creative song concepts. How high was Devin when he decided to impersonate an imaginary white trash neighbor and invite him to sing on his track? Probably pretty fucking high but somehow the insane concept works. 

3. "17 Holes" ft. Coughee Brothaz
For nearly two decades, Devin The Dude has been rapping primarily about two things: women and weed. On "17 Holes" Devin combines the two, serenading a ghetto, stoner heroine that doesn't get paranoid when the cops pass. 

2. "Doobie Ash Tray"
On this track, Devin shares a down and out tale about losing everything and resorting to getting high. It sounds soulful, sad and uplifting all at once -- sort of like a good high after a bad day.

1. "Do What You Wanna Do"
On this track, Devin shares his stoner philosophy. Basically, he just wants you to be free and answer only to your conscience, which is good advice no matter what vice you subscribe too. Happy Holidays.

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