Five Reasons Why Creed Isn't the Worst Band Ever

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In this week's New Times music section, there's an interview with Creed singer Scott Stapp, or as the article describes him, one of the most hated men in rock. His band doesn't get much more respect. In fact, they are widely regarded by music critics and bloggers as one of the worst bands ever. If you Google the term "the worst band ever," you'll find a reference to Creed on the first page of results.

Like many people, I'm not a fan of Creed, but to call them the worst band ever isn't the most accurate of statements. "Worst band ever" is pretty tough to nail down, scientifically speaking, as what sucks and what doesn't is a matter of personal taste, but it's undeniable that Creed has a pretty bad rep. How many bands have been sued by their fans for sounding awful in concert?

So is Creed horrible? Yes, really horrible. Worst ever? No. Here are five reasons why.

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Mike Escoto