Hear Tour Stories From Jimmy Eat World in This New Animated Video

Jimmy Eat World.
Jimmy Eat World. Steve Thrasher

Back in 1998, Jimmy Eat World wasn't yet one of the biggest bands ever to come out of Arizona, and Texas festival South by Southwest wasn't the well-funded, well-organized mega-event it is today.

That's the starting point for the latest installment of "Beyond the Bus," an animated video series produced by that takes stories from well-known musicians and turns them into short films with animation by Ryan Ortgiesen. Its latest installment is a tale from Jimmy Eat World's early days. Bassist Rick Burch and drummer Zach Lind appear in the video; as the story goes, for the band's late-'90s gig at SXSW, they were paid $100 and five drink tickets. But they found a way to get way more out of the arrangement than that.

"If you think about it, though we weren’t all that popular, it felt a bit insulting to come all this way to play this venue for hardly any money and five drink tickets,” Lind says in the video.

Other "Beyond the Bus" videos feature stories from Ahmet Zappa (about his late father, Frank), Eagles of Death Metal, and George Thorogood.

See Jimmy Eat World's episode of "Beyond the Bus" below:

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