Monsters of Bass at 910 Live Last Night

910 Live
Sunday, February 27

Bitch all you want about Phoenix's music scene, but sometimes smaller is better.

On Saturday night in Los Angeles, the Monsters of Bass Tour sold out El Rey Theatre, meaning that the concert's head count was somewhere around 1,000 people. Flash forward 24 hours to the 910 Live club in Tempe, where less than 100 people appeared for a show featuring sets by the exact same headliners -- FreQ Nasty, MartyParty and Opiuo. Not that those few in attendance had any less fun.

Rather than elbowing their way to bar, party goers came and went with out waiting for drinks. The dance floor was full but left everyone enough personal space so that they could dance like absolute monsters. Sure, there was grinding but none forced by crowded circumstance. Instead of a club, it felt more like a house party with a DJ and 90 of your closest friends. That is of course if the company you keep includes freaks, bassaholics and hula hoop girls.

Because the concert fell on a Sunday, the artists decided to reverse their order of appearance with FreQ Nasty performing first, followed by MartyParty and then Opiuo around 1 am. FreQ Nasty's set moved between dubstep and drum 'n' bass. The dance floor was electric. I even watched as a security guard, positioned at the edge of the dance floor, could not contain his urge to dance. Every few minutes he would catch him self bobbing his head and dipping his shoulders and then quickly stop. I asked him if he enjoyed the music.

"I have the best job in the world," he said. "I get to listen to dubstep tonight and watch a bunch of people dance like idiots."

When MartyParty hit the stage, nearly everyone in the venue migrated to the dance floor. He played a mixture of old and new songs and even included a few remixes by other artists. Soon it became apparent that MartyParty is a producer and not a live DJ, despite the fact that his music is best heard live. His transitions were often abrupt and at certain points he let the music stop completely.

Before his set he told me that the Saturday night show in L.A. was the biggest of his career. Perhaps in the afterglow, he was just a tad sloppy. Whatever the case may be, the crowd was either way too faded or bass-smitten to notice, much less care. They continued dancing.

Opiuo took the stage late in the evening. His slightly groovier music gave the crowd something to unwind to but most people in attendance did not relent. They just kept dancing and dancing.

Critic's Notebook:

Last Night: Monsters of Bass at 910 Live

Personal Bias: After three consecutive nights of show going, I was longing more for a bed than of head full bass.

The Crowd: Ravers, freaks and bass fiends.

Random Notebook Dump: Sometimes there's so much bass in the world I feel like I can't take it. And that my heart is just going to cave in.

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Chris Piel
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