Round Up: Best Of Our Best Of Lists

Happy New Year! Up on the Sun and Phoenix New Times have had

a lot

of lists for you over the past month. Like, more than we can count. Just in case you missed some, here are a few of our favorites:

Phoenix's best records of 2008: The best 10 records released in this town last year, including Kinch, Miniature Tigers, The Stiletto Formal, Cousins of the Wize and Tractor Pull Divas.

Concert of the Year Countdown: Ten of 2008's best shows,including Kanye West, Blue Man Group, Metallica, The Loveblisters, The Hives and Eartha Kitt. By Niki D'Andrea and Martin Cizmar.

Five Pacific Northwest Albums That Made A Difference in 2008: Michael Lopez discusses Fleet Foxes, Starfucker and others.

Locals Pick Their Favorite Records of 2008: This isn't really our list, per say, but Kevin Murphy over at So Much Silence has been putting together some nice posts of picks by local indie types. Turns of Zachary James Dodds of The Via Maris has amazing taste, and by amazing taste I mean taste that is very similar to mine since four of his top 10 are the same as mine, and we both loved Girl Talk and Crystal Castles a little more than our peers.

Speaking of that best of 2008 list, here's the grandaddy of them all, my Best Albums of 2008 list. FYI, TV On The Radio is not at #1. --Martin Cizmar

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