Scottsdale's Pussycat Lounge Closing Tonight

Scottsdale dance club Pussycat Lounge has apparently used up the last of its nine lives. The notorious Old Town nightspot - the hedonistic den infamous for its mix of drinking, decadence, and superstar DJs - will close tonight after serving the stylish and the skinny for the better part of a decade.

According to sources behind the scenes at PCL, the establishment was purchased by new owners earlier this year and will undergo renovations and become an entirely new club by the end of the year.

Clubgoers have been flocking to the Saddlebag Trail establishment over the past week for a series of sendoffs that have taking place in the days leading up to its closure this evening. The place was plenty packed last night as the club's current management was trying to get rid of the last of its liquor. PCL's employees state that the joint will have one final fiesta later tonight before the lock the doors for good.

A longtime cornerstone of the Scottsdale nightlife scene, PCL was a rather debaucherous joint famous for both its sexy clientele and the slew of top-shelf turntable talent it hosted on a regular basis. Names such as Steve Aoki, Gareth Emery, and Martin Solveig each performed inside its DJ booth, as did local standouts like D-JR, Benjamin Cutswell, and Death to the Throne.

D-JR paid tribute to the club on Twitter this past week when he tweeted the following: "RIP Pussycat Lounge AZ! My 5 year residency there made me who I am today."

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