Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale Is the Season Finale of Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay, Natch

Given the shit storm that happened at the Kitchen Nightmares taping at Amy's Baking Company last December, rumors were flying that the Scottsdale restaurant, whose name-calling owner, Amy Bouzaglo, made the news in 2010 after an angry tirade on Yelp following a one-star review, would never see itself on Fox's "reality" show starring loud-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay.

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Silly rumor mongers. Amy's is not only going to be on Kitchen Nightmares, it's going to be the season finale of Kitchen Nightmares.

Fox has revealed the synopsis for the Amy's Baking Company season finale on Kitchen Nightmares as the following:

"Chef Ramsay heads to Scottsdale, AZ, to visit Amy's Baking Company, which might be one of the cleanest restaurants in the history of the show. Cleanliness aside, Ramsay and the patrons find a number of issues with the food and service. Owners Amy and Samy refuse to pay attention to any critiques, but will this duo listen to Chef Ramsay, or force him to walk away?"

Want to tune in? Of course you do. We all do. Watch the Amy's Baking Company season finale of Kitchen Nightmares on Fox Friday, May 10 (8 p.m. ET/PT). Check your cable guide for channel information and details.

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