Nine of Arizona's Homegrown Kombucha Companies

There's no added sugar in this batch of booch.
There's no added sugar in this batch of booch. Rock Stacker Kombucha
Though the jury is still out on exactly how healthy kombucha is, the effervescent tea drink is hugely popular these days. A number of homegrown kombucha companies have emerged in Arizona in recent years, boasting a variety of flavors and, in some cases, a boozy buzz. Here are nine Arizona-based kombucha companies and where their products can be found in the Valley.

All About the 'Booch

Based in: Glendale
Can be found at: farmers markets, bars, bottle shops, and online

Pumping out gallons of handcrafted kombucha from a commercial kitchen space in downtown Glendale, All About The 'Booch is an example of a hobby-turned-business. Shelley and Duane Aul, the husband-and-wife owners and brewers, cut their teeth in the kombucha arena after winning a home kombucha kit from their daughters’ school. Experimenting with different fruits and herbs with every batch finally led to All About the ‘Booch becoming the first permitted kombucha microbrewery in Maricopa County in April 2018.

click to enlarge All About The ‘Booch is just one of several Arizona-based kombucha companies. - ALL ABOUT THE 'BOOCH
All About The ‘Booch is just one of several Arizona-based kombucha companies.
All About The 'Booch

Arizona Kombucha Company

Based in: Chandler
Can be found at: its tasting room, restaurants, and online
Arizona Kombucha Company has developed five flavors of both jun (made from a colder fermenting process) and traditional kombucha, including the oddly satisfying chai vanilla. Its tasting room in Chandler features the full array on tap, as well as canned versions. With these flavor combinations and a distinct profile difference between its Jun and original kombucha lines, this Chandler company has made an impressive name for itself. You can find its kombucha, mead, and cider on menus across the Valley.

click to enlarge All canned and ready to go from Arizona Kombucha Company. - ARIZONA KOMBUCHA COMPANY
All canned and ready to go from Arizona Kombucha Company.
Arizona Kombucha Company

Bad Booch

Based in: Phoenix
Can be found at: bars and farmers markets

Founded in 2019, Bad Booch started making hard kombucha directed toward those trying to stay health-conscious, even when they're drinking alcohol. The flagship flavor, grapefruit basil aloe, is organic, gluten-free, vegan, and includes the live probiotics found in traditional kombucha. Clocking in at 6 percent ABV, Bad Booch provides a good, possibly healthier buzz.

Bad & Boochie, fresh and bottled. - KRISTEN SCHNEIDER
Bad & Boochie, fresh and bottled.
Kristen Schneider

Bad & Boochee

Based in: Phoenix
Can be found at: restaurants and online

This operation started as a small, personal project. Kristen Schneider, owner and brewer of Bad & Boochee, began making kombucha in an attempt to improve her physical and mental health. Over time, Schneider experimented with multiple flavors and ingredients and eventually decided this homemade concoction was deserving of public consumption. Bad & Boochee now serves four flavors of kombucha, a line of jelly, and a home SCOBY starter kit for anyone interested in making their own fermented fizzy drink.

Basic Booch

Based in: Gilbert
Can be found in: its tasting room at Gilbert Town Square and online

Another alcoholic kombucha can be found along the row of tap handles at Desert Monks Brewing Company. The Basic Booch hard kombucha comes in at a sessionable 4.5 percent ABV. It pours a frosted white color, and features bright, sour notes in its flavor profile.

click to enlarge FTC — a family business. - FERMENTED TEA COMPANY
FTC — a family business.
Fermented Tea Company

Fermented Tea Company

Based in: Tucson
Can be found at: FTC Kombucha Coffee Cafe, restaurants, grocery stores, and online

With Fermented Tea Company, we find another family-owned operation — its inception a result of a couple’s search for alternative immune system restarts for their son when chemotherapy drugs seemed too harsh. As a result of these Tucson residents discovering kombucha as a literal gut-check, they now run FTC and offer flavors like Purple Rain and Gingerzest. Fermented Tea Company also sells a kombucha line infused with hemp oil.

click to enlarge Fermented tea, brewed and bottled in Sedona. - OLINKA KOMBUCHA
Fermented tea, brewed and bottled in Sedona.
Olinka Kombucha

Olinka Kombucha

Based in: Sedona
Can be found at: select Sedona restaurants and stores

Another home operation turned booch peddler, Olinka Kombucha makes some of the more imaginative flavors of kombucha on our list. Kosmic Koffee, for instance, uses Peruvian Amazonian coffee, vanilla bean, and dates from Yuma. What's more, the brewing and bottling of Olinka’s products runs out of the owners’ house. It can also be made to order by the gallon for personal events.

click to enlarge Bad & Boochee at the Phoenix location of Green New American Vegetarian. - LAUREN CUSIMANO
Bad & Boochee at the Phoenix location of Green New American Vegetarian.
Lauren Cusimano

Rock Stacker Kombucha

Based in: Flagstaff
Can be found at: restaurants and bottle shops

Much like Flagstaff itself, Rock Stacker is a small operation but not without its quiet yet undeniable charm. At Rock Stacker, you can fill growlers or take home cans of this northern Arizona kombucha, flavored with state-grown lavender. Rock Stacker uses no added sugar and is always coming up with new flavor combinations — like the ginger juniper berry and blueberry hibiscus.

click to enlarge Wild Tonic, as seen at Whole Foods. - LAUREN CUSIMANO
Wild Tonic, as seen at Whole Foods.
Lauren Cusimano

Wild Tonic

Based in: Cottonwood
Can be found at: bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and bottle shops nationwide
Wild Tonic is the big one. This Arizona company specializes in hard and nonalcoholic, jun kombucha — a tonic using raw honey instead of cane sugar, and green tea instead of black in its base recipe. Holly Lyman, artist and owner of Wild Tonic, first formed a relationship with beeswax when experimenting with encaustic painting — a process of mixing pigments with hot wax. This evolved to creating her own recipe of jun tonic, using honey. The company has become one of the more recognized names in this field, and produces multiple flavors.
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