Pokitrition, a new poke bowl shop in Chandler, bills itself as the Valley's first spot for sushi burritos.
Pokitrition, a new poke bowl shop in Chandler, bills itself as the Valley's first spot for sushi burritos.

Pokitrition in Chandler Brings More Poke Bowls to Metro Phoenix – And Sushi Burritos

It seems like you can't turn a corner in metro Phoenix these days without spotting a new poke (poh-kay) shop.

The raw tuna fish salad, usually served in bowls with veggie add-ins like cucumbers, avocado, rice, and seaweed, has long been a staple in Hawaii. Last year, metro Phoenix saw several poke shops open up around the Valley, and the widening availability of lightly marinated, fresh tuna around town does not appear to be slowing down.

Now, though, a new Chandler restaurant is delivering poke in a mashup form that is still hard to find around metro Phoenix: the sushi burrito.

Pokitrition, a fast-casual restaurant located near Ray Road and the Loop 101 in Chandler, is billing itself as the Valley's first sushi burrito shop.

That's right. You can now enjoy sashimi-grade bigeye ahi, flown in fresh from Hawaii, stuffed inside a burrito-shaped rice wrap.

If the sushi burrito doesn't appeal to you, Pokitrition also offers a selection of signature poke bowls and a build-it-yourself option. For your protein, you can pick from tuna, raw salmon, cooked shrimp and tako (octopus), then mix-and-match with the restaurant's selection of fresh veggies, leafy greens, grains, and sauces.

The 30-seat, locally owned restaurant is still pretty new in Chandler, so it's not yet clear whether the sushi burrito is a hit with diners. Pokitrition has been open for limited hours since its soft opening in mid-February. The restaurant's official grand opening is on Sunday, March 5.

Find out more on the Pokitrition Facebook page.

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