Want to Start a Food-Focused Small Business? University of Arizona Has a Class for That

Do you dream of starting up your own small business that centers around food? Whether than means a bakery or a food blog, University of Arizona has a new educational series that might just help you achieve that dream.

Now through late October UA's Continuing and Professional Education program is offering five Edible Enterprises courses, each which will feature a different local food entrepreneur.

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Yes, it's true. You'll have to make the drive to Tucson if you want in on the action; most of the classes will be held at the Pima Cooperative Extension on Monday mornings. On the upside, in addition to learning about local small businesses that focus on food, you'll hear the small business owners talk about how they grew their food-related endeavors:

Edible Enterprise classes provide business startup owners with answers to questions about how to manage the ups and downs of managing a new business or finding a way to build a livelihood based on a personal passion.

Each of the four featured businesses also uses local ingredients in their products, which will also be discussed during the courses. They include:

Each of the classes costs $32 to attend or you can participate all four of the remaining courses for $105. Registration also includes some tastings and samples.

For more information or to sign up visit the University of Arizona website.

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Lauren Saria
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