Streetlight Manifesto Impressed Mesa's Ska Scene

Check out what fans had to say about the show as they sounded off on Twitter.

@codieearly: Streetlight Manifesto has such a crazy crowd right now.

@lolmel: Streetlight Manifesto kicked major ass, btw. I love ska concerts so much. #ska #ska #ska

@Fourmystrat: Didn't say it last night because I was so tired, but Streetlight Manifesto had an awesome concert. I am so glad I went.

@Little_TinyFish: Just got back from the Streetlight Manifesto show. Holy shit it was awesome! Ska show = cure for hardcore blues.

@00Dude_what: Streetlight Manifesto with Larry and His Flask has to be the best combination ever. fuck that other band. #ska?

@DVDSchneider: What a fantastic night. Streetlight Manifesto, you are too awesome.

@jeremiahsauce: Streetlight Manifesto has to be one of the most amazing bands I've ever had the pleasure to see live. Fantastic set and unlimited energy.

@stormyskies_: Just came back from Larry and His Flask/A Loss For Words/Streetlight Manifesto. Craziest crowd ever...ever.

@sunnnshineeee: Holy fuck. I can't hear anything. Today was fucking amazing though. Streetlight Manifesto raped Arizona.


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