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9 Famous People Who Went to Arizona State University

This week, thousands of Arizona State University graduates will walk across the commencement stage and out into the unknown. Many will have set the foundation for their careers while in school, some even gaining notoriety in the process. With more than 80,000 students in enrolled overall, we're bound to have a few soon-to-be stars in our midst, even if they've only attended for a short time. As you can tell by the list below, the Class of 2016 has a lot to live up to. Here are a few famous (or infamous) folks you might not have known were once Sun Devils.

Jimmy Kimmel
Graduated: Dropped Out
Major: Undeclared

After spending a year at UNLV, Kimmel transferred to ASU. During that time, he was a regular caller to KZZP's morning show. Thanks in part to the station's affinity for him, as well as the pregnancy of then-girlfriend Gina Maddy, he decided to drop out and hedge his bets on a full-time radio career. This worked, for a while, until he was laid off from not only KZZP, but two more stations in the following years. However, he got back on his feet, eventually landing at KROQ in LA, starting the chain that eventually led him to his own late-night talk show. 

Kate Spade
Major: Journalism

Formerly known as Kate Brosnahan, Spade made it to Arizona after transferring from University of Kansas to ASU. Her journalism degree landed her a gig at Mademoiselle magazine, where she was an accessories editor. It was there that she realized the handbag market needed some better options, so she decided to start creating her own. Within a few years of starting the Kate Spade handbags company, she opened an NYC storefront, and two decades later, the brand has expanded to other items like home decor and jewelry. Although she's spent most of her career in New York, we'd like to think that her signature bold and bright color designs have something to do with her time in the AZ heat. 

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