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Artist Clare Patey Talks Food, Feasts, and The Future of the Museum

Clare Patey's a London-based artist, curator, and big time foodie.

Her projects include Feast on The Bridge, an annual festival dedicated to traditional food rituals and eating, and Feast, a collaborative, educational garden (both of which you can read more about on Chow Bella).

Food aside, she's one of the founders of "The Museum Of" -- a series of temporary museum art spaces that were set up in an empty warehouse building in the South Bank of London.

Patey will discuss her projects, as well as her definitions of "art" and "museum" on Tuesday night as part of ASU Art Museum's Re-Thinking the Museum series.

Patey will be at the ASU Art Museum on Tuesday, November 30, from 6 to 7 p.m.. Admission is free . More event info and parking information is available on the ASU Art Museum website.

Check out a video of Patey's annual bridge feast below:

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