Craft Raves, Lowriders, Party Fouls, The Love Me Nots, and Little Black Dresses over the Weekend

Phoenix Craft Rave at Bragg's Pie Factory 

It was all out "crafter" ecstasy at the second annual Phoenix Craft Rave on Saturday. The 10-hour event at Bragg's Pie Factory gave craft fanatics the chance to make and take as many crafty creations as their hearts and wallets could handle.

Calle 16, Viejitos Car Club, and Barrio Cafe teamed up and showed off some of the Valley's most impressive lowriders Sunday, all in the name of raising funds and toys for Crisis Nursery. The weather was perfect, the DJ played a mix of classic hip hop and 50's doo-wop (depending on which cars happened to be rolling through) and visitors from all over the neighborhood/valley enjoyed a laid back afternoon in the city. This, without a doubt, beats a crowded shopping mall any day in December.

Party Foul: The Reunion at Apollo's Lounge 

While Apollo's Lounge has undoubtedly certainly seen its fair share of pimp parties over the years, the CenPho gay bar got its first-ever taste of the massive electro-fueled mayhem of Party Foul! on Friday, December 9. The DJs from the bygone hipster dance night reunited for a special one-off reunion and it was a night of dance music, drinking, and utter debauchery.
Eight overlapping bands in four hours. Last night's X show felt more like a music festival than a Friday night concert. Eager fans bounced back and forth between Club Red and Red Owl to see a bunch of bands that played some variety of punk, country, or both.

Black dresses and little else occured at the Little Black Dress party at The Saguaro on Friday night. Phoenix Art Museum's fashion curator Dennita Sewell gave a history lesson on the timeless dress and local fashion designer Robert Black showcased a few of his takes on the namesake number.

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Claire Lawton
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