Le Slip Fran├žais Presents Indomitable, a New Line of Scented Men's Underwear

Leave it to the French to invent perfumed underpants.

Le Slip Français, a French undergarment company founded in 2011 by Guillaume Gibault, is currently raising funds to create a new line of men's underwear with an aromatic twist -- because apparently having one's junk become overwhelmed with one's funk was a problem that needed serious debriefing.

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The "Made in France" brand already has produced lines of other non-scented boxers and briefs, with stoic names like Fearless, Formidable, and Valiant.

But this new line, Indomitable -- which comes with the tagline, "You want to change the world? You want to change things? Start by changing your underpants" -- aims to bring something entirely new to men's nether regions, namely hints of pears and musk.

A more scientific alternative to Febreezing your groin, Le Slip Français uses perfumed micro-capsules that are embedded into the cotton and released once the wearer of the garment begins moving, maintaining their manly aroma for up to 30 wash cycles.

Le Slip Français aims to sell the underwear at the estimated steep price of €35 to €40, a.k.a. $46 to $52. To find out more about the project or to reserve your pair, visit their My Major Company funding page.

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